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Privacy Agreement 

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How we use your information
Barclays Bank PLC and its affiliates (Barclays) treat all of its legal and compliance obligations with the utmost importance and it is Barclays policy to comply with applicable Data Protection and Privacy laws and regulations. Barclays understands the importance of safeguarding the confidentiality, security and integrity of the personal information submitted via this site. Barclays uses only Personal information (including sensitive information) needed, for the purpose of processing your application for employment.  To verify whether you have the professional skills and experience for the concerned job and to make any verification required by the local law.  We will undertake on-line candidate or face to face selection assessments, people screening vetting including, but not limited to, credit reference and criminal record checks (for some roles), address verification, academic qualifications and employer references with local regulation and legislation[1]. Please note that verifications may vary from one  country to another
If you are unsuccessful in your application, Barclays may retain your information in our Talent pool for a period of twelve months, if you object to your data being held in our Talent pool please advise us in writing by sending an email to HRDataPrivacy@Barclays.com.
 For the purposes of meeting our national and international recruitment needs and to prevent fraud, we may share your information with service providers or other Barclays entities within the group, which will process the information solely and only, for the above purposes. These Barclays entities and service providers may be located within, and outside of the European Union in countries which may not have the same Data Protection laws as those within the European Union.  However, where such transfers do occur Barclays ensures  necessary steps to safeguard the security and integrity of your information and ensures it is processed to a standard commensurate with the requirements within these jurisdictions.
You acknowledge your understanding that in submitting this application, Barclays may check publicly available sources such as LinkedIn or similar sites with professional purposes for information regarding your skills, experience or qualifications.
 For further information on our commitment to the secure and responsible handling of information, please refer to the Barclays Privacy Principles.
By choosing 'I accept' below, you are agreeing to your information being held and used as described above.  All candidates who are Taiwan Nationals must read the PIPA letter attached here before accepting these terms.
 If for any reason your personal data held here is incomplete or inaccurate or if you object, on a legitimate ground, to the use of your personal data on this system, you can make request for the amendment, or the deletion of your personal data.  If you would like to make such a request or if you have any question in relation to the above, please send an email to HRDataPrivacy@Barclays.com.

Please note other rights may apply in EU countries and the relevant privacy notice will be available once you register/apply for a role.
By registering with or logging into this area of the website, you accept the use of Cookies.

 [1] If your application concerns a job in the UK , we will also check your details against fraud databases, including CIFAS and if you have submitted fraudulent information in your application we will record this information on the database. This information will be available to other organisations, including law enforcement agencies.
Personal Information Protection Act Notification

In compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act of the Republic of China (the "PIPA"), we would like to notify you, as a data subject, of the following´╝Ü

Purposes of Collection

Your personal information may be collected, processed, used and transmitted internationally by us for the following purposes:

1.     processing your application for employment; and

2.     purposes as defined by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of China ("MOJ") in Schedule 1 of this letter.

Categories of Personal Information

The categories of your personal information which may be collected, processed, used and transmitted internationally, as defined by the MOJ, are specified in Schedule 2 of this letter.


Your personal information may be collected, processed, used and transmitted internationally within or outside the Republic of China in the jurisdictions where the relevant Barclays affiliate is located, or to such other locations as may in the future be notified to you.

Relevant Entities

Your personal information may be collected, processed, used and transmitted nationally or internationally by the relevant Barclays affiliate, its employees, agents, professional advisors, third party service provider who provides administrative, management, human resources support and management services, or other services to the relevant Barclays affiliate, and any other party which is not restricted by the competent authority for international transmission of the personal information.  Some of the recipients of your personal information listed above may be located in countries with legislation containing a different level of protection of personal information as your country of residence.


Your personal information may be collected, processed, used and transmitted internationally by automatic machines or other non-automatic means in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations on personal information protection (including but not limited to electronic documents, physical documents or any other appropriate means under the then existing scientific techniques).


Your Rights

Under and in accordance with the PIPA, any data subject has the rights:

1.   to access or to request for review or copy of his personal information, in which case we have the right to charge a reasonable fee in accordance with the laws;

2.   to request for supplement or correction of his personal information upon appropriate justification by the data subject; and

3.   to request for discontinuance of collection, processing, use or international transmission, and deletion, of his personal information; provided that we may refuse such request to the extent such collection, processing, use or international transmission of personal information is necessary for our business operation.

If you wish to exercise any of the above rights, you may submit a written request together with the supporting documents to us.  We will notify you of our decision on your request within fifteen (15) days after the next day following receipt of your written request.  If necessary, such fifteen (15) days period may be extended for another fifteen (15) days in which case we will notify you in writing.  In connection with a request to access or review the personal information, you shall, upon receiving our response, arrive at the location specified by us within the specified period to access or review the documents.  Failing which you will need to submit a new written request to us.


Consequences of Not Providing Your Personal Information  

You have the sole discretion to decide whether you wish to provide your personal information to us, unless required by law.  If you refuse to provide your personal information, we may in our sole discretion decide whether we will proceed with your application for employment.

Other Matters

You agree that we have the right to revise this letter from time to time.  In the event this letter is revised, we will provide you with the hyperlink to the website containing the revised notification letter.  If applicable, please review the contents of the designated website carefully and follow the instructions thereon to indicate your acceptance if necessary.


Schedule 1: The Specific Purposes as Defined by the MOJ

(002) human resources management; (003) arrival, departure and immigration; (059) the collection, process and use by financial service enterprises according laws and regulations and for the need of financial supervision; (060) financial dispute resolution; (061) financial supervision, management and examination; (063) the collection, process and use of personal information by non-government agency for fulfillment of regulatory obligations; (064) health and medical services; (068) trust business; (069) contractual, quasi-contractual or other legal relationship affairs; (090) consumer and customer management and services; (104) billing management and credit transaction business; (114) labor administration; (120) tax administration; (129) accounting and relevant services; (136) information (tele-) communication and database management; (137) information (tele-) communication security and management; (150) auxiliary and back-office supporting management; (154) credit checks; (157) investigation, statistics and research analysis; (166) securities, futures, securities investment trust and consulting relevant business; (168) passport, visa, and verification documents processing; (177) other financial management business; (181) other business conducted under the business registration items or organizational articles of incorporation; (182) other advisory and consulting services.


Schedule 2: The Specific Categories of Personal Information as Defined by the MOJ

1.    Identification category

(C001) for identification of individual; (C002) for identification of finance; (C003) for identification in government documents;

2.    Characteristic category

(C011) individual description; (C012) description of bodies;

3.    Household status

(C021) household status; (C023) details of other members in the family;

4.    Social status

(C031) residence and facilities; (C032) properties; (C033) immigration status; (C034) travel and other transportation details; (C038) occupation;

5.    Education, examination and election, techniques or other professions

(C051) academic records; (C052) qualification or techniques; (C053) occupational group member qualification; (C054) occupational expertise; (C057) record of students (members) and examination takers;

6.    Employment status

(C061) current employment status; (C062) employment history; (C063) jobs leaving history; (C064) work experiences; (C065) work, travel and attendance records; (C066) health and security records, (C068) salaries and withholding amount; (C070) details of work management;  (C071) evaluation details of work;  (C072) training records; (C073) security details;

7.    Financial details

(C083) credit ratings; (C086) note credit; (C087) allowances, benefits, gifts;  (C088) insurance details; (C089) social security payment, home care payment and other retirement payment; (C091) properties or services provided by the subject of the personal information; (C093) financial transactions; (C094) indemnification;

8.    Business information

(C102) arrangement or agreement; (C103) licenses related to business; (C111) health records; (C116) criminal suspicion information;

9.    Other categories of information

(C131) search of written documents; (C132) non-categorized information.


Note:  Schedules 1 and 2 may be amended in accordance with the specific purposes and categories of personal information as promulgated by the MOJ from time to time.